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Syllabus for Anatomy (MBBS) Arybhatta Knowledge University ,Bihar

A.N. Sinha Institute of Social Studies Campus (West), 
North Gandhi Maidan, 
(Near D.M. Residence)
Patna-800 001, Phone: +91612-2219106, 

ANATOMY (Paper Code: Paper I - 201011 and Paper II – 201012)

Distribution of Marks:
Written Paper 100 Marks
(Paper I-50, Paper II-50)
Oral 20 Marks
Practical 40 Marks
Internal Assessment 40 Marks
Written -20, Practical -20)
Total 200 Marks
Written Paper –Two
Time allowed 3 hours (for each paper)
Full Marks 100-(50 for each paper)

All question for both the paper are to be set by single external examiner preferably and two internal from within the State.

There shall be four examiners-Two external from outside the state preferably and two internal from within the

A candidate will be declared to have passed the examination in the subject provided he or she secures 50% in aggregate with a minimum of 50 % of the total marks in written and oral, and 50% in practical and internal

A candidate will be declared to have passed the subject with honours provided he or she secures 75% or more marks.

Question should be objective type and short notes. Descriptive question would be preferably avoided.

(i) Paper I shall contain question from following topics:-
Head and neck Central nervous system, Thorax, Superior extremity.
(ii) Paper II shall contain question from following topics:-
Abdomen and Pelvis including perineum, Inferiro Extermity, Biaphragm.

1. A course of human anatomy including embryology, neurology, histology and applied anatomy of not
less than 50 lectures.
2. A course of lecture cum demonstration in osteology, anthology, mycology, angiology, splanchology,
ductless glands, neurology, sense organs, surface anatomy, radiology and living anatomy consisting of
75 lectures.

3. A course of dissection of all the parts of the body (Head, Neck, Brain, Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis,
Perineum superior extremity and inferior extremity) consisting of not less than 200 hrs. Covered in at
least 100 working days.
4. A course of practical histology covering not less than 60 periods. It will include:
(a) Histological techniques.
(b) Staining and examination of elementary tissue.
(c) Examination of sections of different part of the body.
5. In the section of gross anatomy stress would be on clinically relevant relationships; functional and cross
sectional anatomy of different parts of the body.
6. In histology section, emphasis will be on correlation of the structure with the function as a pre-requisite
for understanding the altered state in various disease processes.
7. In the central nervous system, importance to be given on the analysis of the integrative and regulative
function of the organs and localization of site of gross lesions according to the deficits encountered.
8. In embryology emphasis will be on critical stage of development and effect of common teratogens,
genetic mutations and environmental hazards. Explanation of developmental basis of major variations
and abnormalities.
9. Principles of karyotyping and identification of gross congenital anomalies.
10. Principals of water – imaging techniques and interpretation of computerized Tomography (CT) Scan,
Sonogram etc.
11. Clinical basis of some clinical procedures i.e. intramuscular and intravenous injection, lumber puncture
kidney biopsy, liver biopsyetc.
12. The process of teaching in gross anatomy should be done by dissection of the human body or by
demonstration of the dissected parts, by models any by charts.
13. Stress shall be laid on the fundamental and basic principles of the subject and details shall be avoided
Student should be able to co-relate the structure with the function and in all sections, importance to be
given to the applied aspect.

Books Recommended:
(a) Gray’s anatomy
(b) Embryology by Alngman
(c) Hewer’s Text Book of Histology
(d) Text Book of Anatomy – regional and applied by R.J.Last
(e) Snell’s Clinical anatomy
(f) Snell’s Clinical newco-anatomy
(g) Grant’s method of anatomy
(h) Neuro anatomy by carpenter.


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