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Syllabus for Microbiology (MBBS) Arybhatta Knowledge University ,Bihar

A.N. Sinha Institute of Social Studies Campus (West), 
North Gandhi Maidan, 
(Near D.M. Residence)
Patna-800 001, Phone: +91612-2219106, 

Microbiology( Paper Code: Paper I – 201051 and Paper II – 201052)

Distribution Marks:
Written Paper - 80 Marks
(Paper I -40, Paper II -40
Oral - 15 Marks
Practical - 25 Marks
Internal Assessment
(Written – 15, Practical – 15) - 30 marks
Total -150 marks
Written Paper 0 Two
Time allowed - 3 hours (for each paper)
Full Marks - 80 (40 for each paper)

Paper I – General Bacteriology, Systemic Bacteriology
Paper II –Parasitology Virology, Medical Micology, Immunology, Hospital Infection &Immunoprophy lex
All questions for both the papers are to be set by a single external examiner preferably from outside the

There shall be four examiners – Two external from outside the state preferably and two internal from within
the same University or College.

A candidate will be declared to have passed the examination in the subject provided he or she secure 50% in
aggregate with a minimum of 50% of the total marks in written and oral, and 50% in practical/Clinical and
internal assessment.

A candidate will be declared to have passed the subject with honours provided he or she secures 75% or
more marks of the total.

Questions should be objective type and short notes. Descriptive questions would be preferably avoided.

(i) Paper I shall contain questions from the following topics:-
(1) General bacteriology – (a) Historical introduction, (b) Morphology & Physiology of Bacteria, (c)
Sterilization & Disinfection (d) Culture Media , their preparation & uses (e)Bacterial staining (f)
Classification & Identification of Micro Organism (G) Morphology & Nature of Bacteria (h) Growth
& Nutrition of bacteria (i) bacterial Genetics

(2) Systemic bacteriology – Morphology, Culture Characters, Biochemical Reactions, Antigenic
properties, toxin Production, Pathogenesis, Laboratory Diagnosis, Prevention & Epidemiology of
following bacterial
a) Gram Positive Cocci: - staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Pneumococcus
b) Gram Negative Cocci: - Neisseria
c) Gram Positive Bacilli: -Corynebacterium, Bacillus. Clostridia, Mycobacterium
d) Gram negative Bacilli: - Enterobacteriaceae, Escherichila, Klebsiella, Proteus, Shigella,
salmonella, Vibrio
e) Cocco bacilli: - Brucella, Pasteurella, yarsinia, Bordetella,
f) Misc: - Actinomyetes, Complyobavter, Helicobacter Pylori, Listeria
g) Spirochetes: - Trepanoma, Borrelia, Leptospira
h) Mycoplasma
i) Chlamydia
j) Rickettsia
3) Any other relevant topics of importance of MBBS standard

(ii) Paper II shall contain question from the following topics:-

1. Parasitology
Protozoa: - Epidemiology, Morphology, Life Cycle, pathogenesis, & Laboratory Diagnosis of all
protozoa, Helminthes

2. Virus:-
General Properties of Virus, Classification of Virus
Structure & Chemical \composition of Virus
Inclusion Bodies, interference &interferon’s
Virual Haemagglutination, laboratory Diagnosis of Viral Diseases
Immunodeficiency Disease

3. Medical Mycology
Superficial 7 Deep Mycoses

4. Immunology
Immunity, Antigens, Antibodies (Immunoglobulins), Antigen- Antibody reaction, Compliment
system, Structure & Functions of the immune system, Immune response. Immune deficiency disease,
hypersensitivity, Autoimmunity
5. Hospital Infection
6. Immunoprophylaxis
7. Any other reverent topics of importance of MBBs standard

Books recommended:
1. Medical microbiology – by R. Cruickshank
2. Text Book of Microbiology by – R. Ananthuamy & CHJ Paurer
3. A text Book of Microbiology by- P Chakravorty

4. Essentials of Medical Microbiology by – Rajesh Bhatia
5. Text Book of Microbiology by – R.L Ichlupujari
6. Parasitology by – D.R.Arora
7. Medical parasitology by – R.L.Ichlupujari & Rajesh Bhatia

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