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Syllabus for FMT (MBBS) Arybhatta Knowledge University ,Bihar

A.N. Sinha Institute of Social Studies Campus (West), 
North Gandhi Maidan, 
(Near D.M. Residence)
Patna-800 001, Phone: +91612-2219106, 

FMT (Paper Code: 201071)

Distribution Marks:
Written Paper - 40 Marks
(Paper I – 40)
Section A-20, Section B- 20 (Each section to be written in separate answer paper)
Oral - 10 Marks
Practical - 30 Marks
Internal Assessment - 20 Marks
(Written – 10, Practical – 10) - 30 marks
Total -100 marks
Written Paper - 0ne
Time allowed - 3 hours (for each paper)
Full Marks - 40 (20 for each section)

All question for both the papers are to be set by a single external examiner preferably from outside the state.

There shall be four examiners – Two external from outside the state preferably and two internal from within
the State.

A candidate will be declared to have passed the examination in the subject provided he or she secure 50% in
aggregate with a minimum of 50% of the total marks in written and oral, and 50% in practical/Clinical and
internal assessment.

A candidate will be declared to have passed the subject with honours provided he or she secures 75% or more
marks of the total.

Questions should be objective type and short notes. Descriptive questions would be preferably avoided.

(i) Section A:- Shall contain question from the following topics:-

(1) Procedure in Criminal court – Inquest, Medicolegal Report, Medical Evidences, Dying Declaration,
& Dying Depositions
(2) Identification :- Exam of skeleton for Age, Sex, Dactylography
(3) Death:- Signs of Death, Sudden Death, Time elapsed since depth, PM staining, RM,
Decomposition, Infanticide
(4) Medicolegal Autopsy;- PM Exam, Exhumation, Starvation Death
(5) Violent Asphyxial Depth:- Hanging, strangulation, Suffocation, Drowning
(6) Burn:- Burns, Scalds, Electricity & Lightening
(7) Mechanical Injuries & Wounds:- Classification of Wounds, Examination of Injuries, & Injury
report, Regional injuries, Fire arm injuries, Aircraft & Rail injuries
(8) Blood seminal & Other Stain :- Haris, Trace Evidences, Group Specific substances, DNA

(ii) Section B:- Shall contain question from the following topics:-

(1) Sexual Capacity & Sexual offences :- Pregnancy, Delivery, Abortion, Their Medicolegal
importance, MTP, Impotence & Sterility, Artificial Insemination, Virginity, Legitimacy, Natural &
Un Natural Sexual Offences, Abnormal Sexual perversions

(2) Medicolegal Aspects of Insanity:- Criminal Responsibility of an insane, testamentary capacity,
Restoration of an insane

(3) Law in relation to Medical Man:- Professional Secrecy, Privileges, Responsibility & Obligation of
Medical Man, The Indian Medical Council & State Medical Council, Malpractice & Negligence

(4) Toxicology:- Diagnosis & general treatment of poisoning, Preservation & Transmission of Viscera,
& suspected material for chemical analysis, Detection of Poison, Classification of Poison, Sign &
Symptoms, Treatment & PM appearances in poisoning cases, Mineral Acids, Salts of copper, Lead,
Mercury, Opium, Alcohol, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Cotton Seeds, Croton Seeds, Ergot,
Nux Vomica, Strychnine, Aconite, Dharma, Belladona, Cannabis, Cocaine, Oleander, Ratti Seeds,
Snakes, Scorpion, Cantharides, Mapping Nut, Madar, Food Poisoning, barbiturates, Semicarpus

Books recommended:
Theory: -
1. Modi’s Medical Jurisprudence and Toxilogy
2. Principles of Forensic Medicine – by Apurba Nandy
3. Text Book of Forensic Medicine – By Krishan Vij Parikh.
1. Forensic Medicine & Toxicology – Dr. K.S. Narayan Reddy
2. Fundamentals of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by Dr.R.Basu

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